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Royal Teen Patti Slot


Royal Teen Patti Slot fun and very interesting time pass for you.If you dont have internet connection, then dont worry, just relax and download this amazing game. Royal Teen Patti Slot is completely offline game.With Royal Teen Patti Slot you can enjoy very lot.In this game you have press button and win ranking of cards.
-> Here you get Rs 5000 free reward at every 15 minutes. So just play at any time and win big amount.-> This is a completely offline game, so dont worry about internet connection, so yuo can play also in offline mode.-> There is no any type of purchases required in this game.-> You can increase you bet amount just by pressing one button.-> Here below you can find the card rank from high to low 1. Ace Trail or Three of Ace: You can win 100 times than the bet amount. 2. Trail or Three of Same: You can win 30 times than the bet amount. 3. Pure Sequence: You can win 20 times than the bet amount. 4. Just Sequence: You can win 7 times than the bet amount. 5. Color: You can win 4 times than the bet amount. 6. Pair or Two of Same Rank: You can win 2 times than the bet amount.
There is no real cash value in this game, so if you win or less chips, dont woory.If you lost all of your chips then you can get another 5000 chips every hourly.
Also you can share your success with you friends through facebook, whatsapp, google plus, instagram nad many more.
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